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Siloam Springs (North West Arkansas)

Patricia Bird
Mother of Michael Anthony Spooner
Sept. 23, 1980 to Sept. 17, 2001
(NeuroFibroSarcomas rare cancer from Neuroibromatosis (NF))
Charity 1979, Jessica 1984, Kitty 1996, Christian 1998, nephew Scotty and niece Jordan born the year Michael died, Michael held her before he died.




Rogers(North West Arkansas)

Joan Pina
Mother of Rebecca Vidmosko
June 20, 1985 - July 5, 2003
(Head trauma- Motor vehicle accident)
4 brothers- Tim- 35, Terry- 32,
Todd- 31, Chris- 26





Paul McCutcheon. Father of

Kevin McCutcheon
May 14th, 1966 ~ Nov. 19th, 1996 (brain aneurysem)
Darren McCutcheon
Sept. 12th, 1971 ~ Sept. 13th, 1978 (drowning)
Paul McCutcheon
Feb. 5th, 1974 ~ Sept. 13th, 1978 (drowning)


Brandie Kennedy. born on Feb.1st, 1971.


 "If I Could" by Paul McCutcheon is a compilation of God's word, taken from the KJV, and my own poetry. It was written with a humble heart for those who are traveling the journey of grief from the death of a loved one.





I can not email you
Mother of Shane Short
7/17/72-3/10/95 (gunshot)
Shawn 7/17/73




south of Little Rock

EMAIL NOT WORKING Regina and Tom Corp
Parents of Zachary Shane Corp
January,8 2005 (Potters Syndrome)
Lawrence Jay Corp ....May 23 2000 and Thomas Lee Corp .......May 5 2003





Becky & Lee Coon
Parents of Michael Anthony Coon
July 15 1989 November 06 2003 (Accidental gunshot wound)
sister-Stacy Conner, 24 one nephew Aaron Conner, 4





Debby & Kevin Hunsaker
Parents of Carissa Ellen Hunsaker
Oct. 19, 1994 ~ Oct. 20, 1995 (Daycare Accident)
Amanda, Brad and Ashley